About Isan Gallery


Isan Gallery is fronted by Percy Vatsaloo, who is both the founder and the face of this unique trove reflecting almost three decades of dedicated collecting and dealing in fine antiques from across mainland South-east Asia. From the moment you step into the welcoming warmth and charm of Isan Gallery, exotic treasures sourced from Burma, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand await your serendipitous discovery.

Percy, a true-blue Singaporean and lover of fine objets d’art both old and beautiful, is the one who sources and personally hand-picks each gem to be found on display here. Percy’s adventurous forays into the mine-field of sourcing brings him face-to-face with all manner of runners, collectors and dealers who have in one way or another, helped Percy to educate himself in this very specialised niche field which he is now acknowledged to be an expert in.

Percy’s abiding love, his natural instincts and a perpetual thirst to know all there is about something that catches his eye or fancy, contribute to his holistic appreciation and deep understanding of any piece in his fabulous collection. Enthusiastically he shares this rich lode of knowledge with anyone with a willing ear: the vintage of any piece that catches your interest; its history, along with tales as well as fables, if any — and even the cultural value or religious symbolism of these artefacts that have woven their way onto the shelves of Isan Gallery. Naturally, each purchase comes with a wealth of background information, as well as its history.

Aim of Isan Gallery
To help new collectors, as well as experienced ones and museums to build on their collections.

Visiting Isan Gallery

Step into the warm embrace of the Isan Home Gallery, one of Singapore’s best-kept secrets.

Isan Gallery operates from the home of Percy Vatsaloo. A visit may be arranged by appointment.

Antique lovers may choose to phone the gallery on (65) 6442 4278, or drop an email requesting an appointment on

Isan Gallery opens Monday to Saturday, 10:30am to 6pm and Sunday, 11:30 to 5pm at 42 Jalan Kembangan, Singapore